About Taiwan

It is possible that you seldom hear about Taiwan. To make your life easier here in Taiwan, at this part, we are going to present you more information about Taiwan.
Many foreigners have been in love with Taiwan ever since they landed. What attracts foreigners to visit/study in Taiwan? The reasons are various. Four of them which are noted most often are: delicious food, safe environment, creative learning environment, and its friendly people. Before moving to ‘food, weather, festivals, and transportation in Taiwan’, let’s have a preview of Taiwan.
Where is Taiwan? Where is Fu Jen Catholic University?

Taiwan is an island located in the East Asia. There is a Taiwan Strait between China and Taiwan. Fu Jen Catholic University is located in New Taipei City, which is in the north of Taiwan. You can google Taiwan/Fu Jen Catholic University via Google Maps   

History of Taiwan (by Wikipedia)
Taiwan impression (by Radio Taiwan International)
Why do backpackers seldom come to Taiwan?
    2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpXyOY46Sc8
Taiwan beautiful-all seasons (by Common Wealth)
    Other Information
    Taiwan time = GMT + 8:00 (STANDARD TIME)
    The international dialing code for Taiwan is +886

English Mass
People who want to do English Mass can check the following website, ‘English Mass
You can find more information of weather, food, accommodation, transportation and it's festivals by clicking links.