Why choose Fu Jen Catholic University?

Location and convenience: Fu Jen Catholic University is located in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Taipei is one of the most developed cities around the world and enjoys high quality of living standard regarding business, transportation system, educational resources, etc.
Career and Employability: Fu Jen Catholic University is a top private university in Taiwan; it enjoys high reputation both in the academic field and industries. According to surveys done by ‘Global Views Monthly’, ‘Cheers’ and ‘1111 Employment Agency’ between 2009 and 2013, Fu Jen Catholic University is ranked as the 1st private university in Taiwan, and its alumni are considered as the most popular employees in industries. Our alumni have outstanding performances in their career life.
Professional professor: Professors at the College of Science and Engineering have rich experiences in academic research and practical experiences in industries. Annually, there are many studies conducted by our faculties published in well-known international journals such as ACS Nano, Applied Physics Letters, Physics in medicine and biology, and Physical Review A, etc. Many faculty members from the college are even hired as consultants based on their professional fields. Sometimes, students also have chances to join academic-industry cooperative projects.
Apprenticeship: This is one of the features of our Ph.D. programs. Through one on one teaching, students have more opportunities to talk to their Ph.D. advisors about their expectations. Advisors can design courses based on students’ personal needs.
Abundant resources and equipment:Apart from providing our students with theoretical knowledge, College of Science and Engineering also offers them practical training. At the college, there are many sophisticated and advanced equipment for our students to enrich their experiences. Meanwhile, with the advancement of technology, we keep purchasing equipment for satisfy needs of learning and research. Besides, to provide roomier space and learning environment for our students to conduct their research, we will have soon a new building for students at College of Science and Engineering.
Academic forums and social events: The College of Science and Engineering always encourage our students to attend domestic and international academic forums in order to catch up with the newest trend in technology. Students can even apply funding to join conferences. Furthermore, along with academic improvement we also care about what students feel and think of their studying here. Therefore, staff and faculty members at the College of Science and Engineering usually organize many social events for students to color students’ life here. Faculty members and staff are supportive and friendly, and you will never have to worry being alone while studying in Taiwan. We are always here to support you.
International learning environment: At Fu Jen Catholic University, internationalization does not show only in numbers of international conferences and students but also in many international exchange programs between our partner universities. International carnivals are also held for both domestic and international students to experience different cultures. We believe students can acquire intercultural understanding and their horizons can be broadened. We understand international students sometimes might worry that they will face language barrier while studying in Taiwan. To solve this problem, they can take Mandarin courses at the language center to learn Mandarin and Taiwanese culture. Besides, we open a ‘buddy program’. Each international student will get a Taiwanese buddy who is in charge of guiding him/her to get used to the university environment.