About Us

Fu Jen Catholic University is one of the universities enjoying high reputation not only in Taiwan but also around the globe. The college of Science and Engineering is one of eleven academic colleges in Fu Jen Catholic University. Since the beginning, it has taken the responsibility of educating students to become advanced scientists and engineers. The College consists of 6 departments, 1 multidisciplinary Ph.D. program ( Applied Science and Engineering), 1 chemistry Ph.D. program, and 2 research centers. With nearly 130 faculty and 3340 students, we are one of the outstanding Colleges of Science and Engineering in Taiwan.
Fu Jen Catholic University was re-established in Taiwan in 1961 and the College of Science and Engineering (originally named the College of Science) was founded in 1963 by the Society of the Divine Word (Societas Verbi Divini or SVD).

In 1963, the College of Science and Engineering started to recruit new students for the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Home Economics and Nutrition. In 1994, the Department of Nutrition & Food Science, the Department of Textiles & Clothing, and the Department of Applied Life Science were excluded from the College of Science and Engineering, and at present, they constitute the College of Human Ecology. Now, the College of Science and Engineering consists of 6 departments, 1 multidisciplinary Ph.D. program, and 2 research centers.

Six departments have been founded since 1963:

 Each department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. There are two in-service Master programs at the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. The Department of Chemistry offers a separate PhD program. The multidisciplinary PhD program, the Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Engineering (ASE), was founded in 2002. Two research centers are Biomedical and Photonic Interdisciplinary Research Center and Research Center of Software and Internet Multimedia. 

Educational Philosophy (Holistic Education)- Integral Part of the College of Science and Engineering
We emphasize our students to be professionals with a firm ground in the humanities with a global vision through teaching, research, and service. We guide and encourage our students to be socially, morally and ethically responsible in the society. The objectives of Holistic education are 

  • Strengthen community Interaction between Teachers and Students
    1.  Encourage exchange and interactions between faculty and students.
    2. Provide a friendly environment that motivates faculty research and student learning.
    3. Assist students with spiritual and financial needs. 
  • Core Competence
    Train students to possess creative and critical thinking, interdisciplinary knowledge, and organizational management through professional practices.
  • Provide Basic Training
    Information technology knowledge, English proficiency, independent thinking, analytical capacity, and communication skills.