Undergraduate Programs

Fu Jen Catholic University is well recognized for its teaching, research, internationalization, and creativity. It is one of the comprehensive universities in Taiwan. A typical undergraduate degree at Fu Jen will take you 4 years to complete. Our bachelor degrees provide you an opportunity with wide range of fields before specializing.

The College of Science and Engineering is comprised of 6 departments (Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science and Information Engineering), and each of them has its own features. Especially, The department of Electrical Engineering and the department of Computer Science and Information Engineering have been accredited by the IEET, which is a member of Washington Accord, recognized by all the members worldwide. This accreditation is not only a proof of the quality of teaching and research but also enhancing the competitiveness in the job markets all over the world for students.

Our undergraduate students have many opportunities to apply for exchange programs. With approximately 280 partner universities, undergraduate students can choose an international university at which they want to study. More information can be found at ‘International Student Center’.

The college internationalization also offers our students opportunities to pursue ‘Dual Bachelor’s-Master’s Degrees’. The agreements of Accelerated Degree Programs with international institutions can be found as follows.

    Fu Jen Catholic University and Georgetown University,
    Fu Jen Catholic University and Temple University(Scholarship), or
    Fu Jen Catholic University and Catholic University of America.

Check our bachelor programs and find one that is the most suitable for you: